3D Mapping for TV Advertisement / Making of

from Media Apparat

Brief: TV-advertisement with a flying actress, recorded in slow-mo with the whole scenery projected. The actress may not cast shadows.
Solution: Based on a panorama mapping projection with 60fps, 4 different sceneries were organized in 3D-space, with different projector positions for each scene. 
Result: vimeo.com/71327131

Technical Hardfacts
Cam: Arri Alexa
Projectors 3 x Barco HDX18
Media Server Picturall Octo

Client: A1
Agency: Nitsche Werbung
Production Company: Karin Novotny GmbH
Mapping Projection: Media Apparat
Technical Partner: Concept Solutions

Making of video
Cam Stefan Siezen
Editing Pajed Igor
Grading + Animations Leo Pokropek
Track Paradis - Hémisphère