26th Floor | Augmented Sculpture

from urbanscreen

An ‘Augmented Sculpture’ made for the Four Seasons Hotel Beirut.

This permanent light sculpture was exclusively developed for the rooftop of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. Sculpture development and content development refer to each other in an interdependent design. By assimilating specific aspects of the environment, this work was developed from scratch as a site-specific piece of art. 

Premiered on the 23rd of May 2013
Duration (loop): 30 min
Dimension: 12 x 5m

Art Director Content: Max Goergen 
Motion graphics: Julian Hoelscher, Jonas Wiese, Max Negrelli, Moritz Horn, Till Botterweck

Art Director Sculpture: Till Botterweck
3D Designer: Peter Pflug, Moritz Horn, Lorenz Potthast
Mock-up: Lorenz Potthast
Production Manager: Majo Ussat
Creative Director: Thorsten Bauer

Media Engineer: Tobias Wursthorn (im-en.com)
Technical assist: Lorenz Potthast

Documentation Director: Jonas Wiese
On-Site Camera: Jonas Wiese
Edit: Jonas Wiese
Music: Jonas Wiese (jonas-wiese.de)

Media-Engine support: WINGS VIOSO (avstumpfl.com)
Mock-Up projector support: EPSON (epson.de)
An URBANSCREEN.com production